Heavy Duty Floating Shelves: The Reveal!

Back ages ago, I teased you with threaded rods sticking out of the kitchen wall and probably-not-so-safe ship auger drilling photos, promising “soon” to show you how the shelves turned out.

Well, today’s the day! (Hooray!)

Installation wasn’t exactly a breeze, though. If you remember back to the original post, the goal was to anchor two threaded rods per shelf into the wall, make them as perfectly parallel and level as possible, and slide the shelves over them. I worked hard to make sure that the holes in the shelves were drilled completely straight, but errors compound and I expected some pushback when trying to install. Not to mention the clearance inside said holes for the 5/8″ threaded rod was effectively zero…

I knew this going in. What I hadn’t thought of: the kitchen wall, the one without tiles in the photo above, wasn’t square. And darned if that corner wasn’t a bit acute! Blast!

Fortunately, though, a little elbow grease was enough to overcome the slightly-less-than-90-degree angle, and the shelf put up less of a fight the further onto the rods we got it. But it did leave a bit of a, errm, trail… Brown skid marks – just the thing for any kitchen! Truth be told, we still to this day (3 months later) haven’t painted over them, YET. It’s on the to-do list!!!

To hammer these suckers home, I used a scrap piece of wood and shimmied back and forth from end to end, tapping the shelf on as evenly as possible. It took awhile. BUT! Those shelves aren’t going ANYWHERE.


Actually, they hold a lot of stuff. Here they are today:

yahoo! they work!

Plates and bowls and cookbooks, oh my!

A month or so later, I added the little 1″ rubberized hooks for mugs underneath. I love them there! And I adore having all my pretty dishes out. I use them all so frequently that nothing has gotten dusty yet (even though you all know I create more than my fair share of dust around here) and I’m totally digging the combo of plain white dishes and fun, colorful bowls.

Lastly, I’m teasing a bit with the magnetic walnut knife strip – that’s another DIY coming soon!


  1. OMG Carly – these shelves look awesome! And I love the way you have arranged stuff on them. Looks very professional, yet homey.

    1. Thanks!! That’s actually how they always look, I didn’t touch them at all before taking the pic. Easy when everything has its place & you have some pretty things to begin with!

  2. Those turned out really great! Fun to see the results of a project actually turn out how you envisioned them. And your dishes are super cute. Where’d you find all the fun bowls?

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